Hanging At Heritage

•October 24, 2009 • 1 Comment

The comfiest of cabins.

Just spent the weekend at Heritage Cove Resort with Wayne, Laura and Beth. (Missed you Pete!) Had a great two days just hanging by the fire, listening to Wayne’s terrible ghost stories and enjoying a diet of s’mores and fresh autumn air. It’s like roughing it without the “roughing” part. Even Patty (“The Princess”) would love it.


Rockin’ Rothrock

•October 10, 2009 • Leave a Comment

State College is a cool place to hang after a mud-ectomy.

It took exactly 5 minutes to convince Laura to head to Rothrock State Forest with me to tackle the R3 Epic. (She’s so easy!) The trails were in great shape and we had practically every mile to ourselves. Laura did a few involuntary dismounts on the tombstones, but soon she was back in the saddle and cleaning sections like crazy. We finished all 30 miles, then decided to treat ourselves at our regular stop at the Penn State Creamery for some Lion Tracks (Laura’s weakness) and Crazy Charlie (the best!). Rothrock is part of the Trans-Sylvania Mountain Epic we’re both riding this May. 7 days of mountain biking bliss. I can’t wait. (Guess we better lay off the ice cream.)

I watched this guy for about an hour. It was worth the wait!