Hi. I’m Maddy & This Is My Blog.

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Some people live to ride. Some ride to live. Some just ride. That’s me. Give me a bike and a trail and I can be gone for hours. Or days. My friends call them my little Madventures. So that’s what this is, a place you can keep up with all my Madventures – read about my rides, see my pictures, even watch some video. As much as I love to do, I’m lucky to call The Alleghenies home. I hope you like reading (and riding) along.


The Early Bird Gets The Mud

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Covered bridges make for great pictures. (Even by me!) Bedford has 14 and a road ride that goes to almost all of them.

I know the unwritten rule about calls before 7am on weekends, but today was just too nice to lay around in bed. So I called Wayne and somehow talked “Mister Grump” into a ride on some of our favorite trails at Blue Knob State Park. Once we got the blood pumping and the mud flying, he was all smiles and started talking about checking out some of the logging trail rides over at Buchanon State Forest next week. Who wants a wake up call?

New Favo-Ride

•March 18, 2010 • 1 Comment

Wayne lets it out on Hydro Loop at the Allegrippis Trails at Raystown Lake.

I know you guys have been waiting for my official stamp of approval on the Allegrippis Trail over at Raystown – well, this is it. It’s unreal. Ride it once and you’ll know why Men’s Journal rated it one of the 4 best rides in the country. And it’s practically in my backyard! I even heard they’re bringing DirtFest back and the Allegrippis is the place to be! Registration opened in February. Who wants to get dirty? We can camp at the Susquehannock Campground or rent a cabin and make a long weekend out of it.

Mayfest Anyone?

•March 15, 2010 • 3 Comments

We can rent one of these at Seven Points Marina and rule Raystown. (I get to drive!)

I don’t know why it’s called Mayfest if it’s in April, but I do know it’s fun. Anyone up for joining in this year? The more the merrier! Speaking of merrier, summer’s on the way and that means it’s time to book the houseboat weekend on Raystown. I think it’s my turn to call Seven Points Marina and make reservations – I need numbers!

Water Babes

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Paddling the Juniata.

Just got back from a great day kayaking with the girls (thanks Beth and Laura!) on the Juniata River. It felt great to take a little break from the bikes and spend some time just cruising along at a leisurely pace for a change. We put in at McVeytown and paddled (me and Laura) and drifted (Beth) down to Thompsontown with a couple cool stops along the way. We checked out the restored PA canal barge at Locust Campground – I’m not sure how people traveled on these things. Not comfortably, that’s for sure. Grabbed some lunch at Victory Park overlooking the river, stopped at the PA Canal Park and then I kicked some serious butt at miniature golf at Buttonwood Campground. Still undefeated! (Unless you count that one match with Pete. But he cheated.)

Partner In Grime

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De plane! De plane! Me at the world’s steepest inclined plane in Johnstown.

Today I got to spend the day with my niece Macenzie introducing her to the mountain biking trails over at Prince Gallitzin State Park. We’ve ridden most of the road rides around the area, but she’d never been on the dirt and was anxious to check it out. She loved it! I might have another mud bunny in the family. (My sis is going to kill me.) We rode the Killbuck Run Trail (scene of Wayne’s famous yard sale) and she did great. She said it was “epic.” I think we’re going to head over to the 36-mile Ghost Town Trail tomorrow or maybe hit the Staple Bend Tunnel Trail. She definitely has the riding bug and I love getting out with her on our weekends.

Going Down Under In Pennsylvania

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I think he thought I was lunch.

I’d always heard about Penn’s Cave, but never went until Pete decided to check it out. Very cool. It’s all water and we did an hour-long tour by boat. If Wayne would have stopped singing the Gilligan’s Island theme it would have been way better. Then we hit the wildlife park – elk, bison, bobcats and mountain lions. (Oh my!)

The P’s Are Coming!

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Thought this was a great shot of the Horseshoe Curve in Altoona. I’ve been there lots of times but never saw it like this.

Just talked to the folks and they’re looking forward to a trip back for another Pennsylvania visit next summer. Here’s the schedule if anyone wants to join in – you know them, they love you guys. Dad wants to head to the ballpark for an Altoona Curve ball game and make his annual stop at the Horseshoe Curve – he’s like a 10-year old when it comes to trains and this place has plenty of them. Mom’s thinking of a day or two spent hitting the antique shops and the Blair County Arts Festival – she’s all about the crafts. Let me know if you guys want to come along and yes, Wayne, we’ll be eating out a lot. (I know that’s your favorite part.)